Master LUU Michel's self-report

Master Michel LUU, a native of Guangdong Xinhui, was born in Saigon, Vietnam.  His interest in martial arts began at an early age, and by his teens he had experienced various traditional styles of Kung Fu in Vietnam, learning lion dance for Chinese New Year and getting exposure to Wing Chun. He continued to learn Wing Chun from various masters.

By a fortunate encounter during a trip to Hong Kong, he crossed path with Grandmaster Wan Kam Leung and started taking private lessons with him after falling in love with his system (Practical Wing Chun). He liked how practical, useful and logical the system was designed and how each parts fit together.

Putting aside the martial art, Grandmaster WAN Kam Leung‘s deep sense of morality, integrity, selfless with helping others are admirable attributes. In order to keep the integrity of his system, he did not compromise anything being strict with the students. Therefore, Michel was very honoured and grateful after few years of practice to be accepted as part of his inner circle in 2017.

Master Michel LUU now feels empowered to carry on the lineage of Practical Wing Chung system and propagate it to the world.

Practical Wing Chun Courses

Group Classes are for all adults regardless of gender, age or size as acrobatic moves or brute force don’t play a crucial role. The philosophy in Practical Wing Chun techniques are based on logic, science and not fighting force, but rather using the opponents force against themselves.

Monday & Wednesday 7pm to 8:30pm

One-to-one training for greater and faster progress while developing further each technical movements of Practical Wing Chun. Private classes are for everyone regardless of level, age or any other conditions.

Monday to Friday between 3pm and 5pm


If you have any enquiries or exchanges, please feel free to contact us.